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Women’s gym wear – the importance of getting it right

Remember the good old days when a baggy t-shirt and a pair of 5-year-old, washed-out leggings fit the bill for any kind of workout, whether it was a vigorous outdoor run, sweating it out on an elliptical machine or strength training? Those sweat-laden cotton garments holding us back, restricting movement and, if you are squeamish look away now, breeding all kinds of bacteria! Is it any wonder that the workouts felt harder than our tired bodies could cope with?

While many of us, wishing to conceal the excess weight that has us heading off to the gym in the first place, may wish to go back to the days of baggy style gym clothes for women, we should actually be thankful for the change in women’s gym wear trends. Having comfortable, well-fitted, sweat-wicking, technical fabrics make our workouts easier, allow our skin to breath, give more flexibility and make us look good to boot! Recycle those oversized gym clothes ladies, the days of frumpy gym gear are long gone!

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