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  • Acai Smoothie Bowl

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    Because #antioxidants

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  • 5 Stretches in 5 Minuets


    Put your hand up if you’ve ever smashed out a workout… but didn’t take the time to stretch after. If your hand isn’t up, why must you make this a house of lies? We're all guilty of this. Stretching is essential for injury prevention, mobility and join health. Trying to make some gains on the squat rack? Making sure your hips aren’t tighter than a Chinese Finger Trap might help.

    But, because I know everyone is so busy all the time, I’ve put together 5 simple stretches you can complete in 5 minuets. So now you don’t have an excuse not to stretch ‘er out.

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  • Creme Egg Protein Smoothie

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    'tis the season of chocolaty temptation. While it's fine to give in and have a #cheatday from time to time, the whole Easter weekend can be a struggle to get through without caving each and every day. So we've whipped up a protein-packed smoothie to help take the edge off your creme egg cravings while you're focusing on them gainz. Continue reading

  • Apple Ginger Energy Balls

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    Energy pre or post workout is essential for powering through your training, as well as replenishing glycogen stores so you can fuel your recovery. These little energy balls are easy to digest, making them perfect pre-workout fuel bombs, and have tons of nutrients for post workout recovery plus ginger to fight inflammation and improve digestion!

    They're basically your best food-based workout buddy. Ever. Continue reading

  • 5 Min With Ryderwear Athlete: Alicia Marie


    There is so much more to Ryderwear Athlete Alicia Marie than super hot abs and gravity defying booty. But don't take our word for it, spend 5min getting to know this savvy, hilarious and creative woman!  Continue reading

  • The 3 Exercises You Really Need



    Variety is the spice of life. To keep your workouts feeling fresh and to progress your fitness level, it’s important to switch things up and try new movements.

    This being said, there are 3 foundational exercises that should always be part of your active life. Try different variations, make them more challenging or change them up in one way or another – sure! As long as you keep coming back to these basic, though bad a**, foundational moves.

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  • Make Hydration a Habit


    Water. We all know drinking it is important. This wet stuff helps us remove waste, lubricate our joints and even regulate our body temperature! To say it is a jack of all trades inside your body would be an understatement. What I’m trying to say is, water is kind of a big deal. And making sure you’re hydrated is super simple too—just drink water! I know sometimes the simplest things can be the hardest to execute, so I have collected three easy habits you can start practicing today that’ll get you guzzling more and more of this life-supporting liquid! Continue reading

  • When to Hire a Personal Trainer


    So, you’ve been working out for a while now. The gym is basically your second home, you might as well start calling the front desk girl “Mom” and set yourself up a cot in the stretching area to sleep in.

    Why would you need to hire a Personal Trainer when you’re the best at all the things? Glad you asked! Even if you’ve been training for as long as you can remember, there is still a big benefit to hiring a professional.

    You’re probably pretty good at brushing your teeth, right? Been doing it since your pearly whites first sprouted. But every 6 months, you still visit the dentist. This is because, no matter how good you think you are, there is always some benefit to checking in with a professional.

    Here are signs it might be time to hire a Personal Fitness Trainer.

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  • 5 Fitness Trends Due to Fizzle Out in 2017

    Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 4.50.03 pm

    Although staying in shape never goes out of style, every year there are some fitness trends we all scratch our heads over and wonder why they’re so popular. But, in the truest nature of a trend, most will fizzle out as fast as it caught fire.

    Here are 5 trends which were hot in 2016 but not for 2017.

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  • The Comeback Carb

    irguzkrtqya-olenka-kotykRice, oats and even (dare I say) bread have made a comeback this year in a big way. But they’re not the same as we knew and loved them. With an increase in education around types, nutrients and when to eat them, we are better than ever at distinguishing the difference between the carbs that’ll give us heaps of energy vs. the ones that’ll make us fat.

    And seeing as they are our primary source of brain fuel, it’s literally a smart choice to reintroduce them back into a well-balanced diet.

    But if you’re still scratching your head on how to do so without spiraling into a baguette binge, I’ve got a handy guide so you can carb with care! Continue reading

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